• Best Sportsbooks to bet on NHL Hockey

    If you’re a betting man, you’ve come to the right page. If you’re not a betting man, I suggest you begin, because it is a ton of fun, as long as you keep it reasonable!

    Unfortunately for us hockey fans, hockey isn’t as popular as Soccer, American Football or Basketball, so some sportsbooks don’t really pay much attention to it. I know this, because I’ve tested almost every single major sports betting place out there (30+ bookies).

    I’m not loyal to any brand or place, and I think I’ve done a decent job in keeping this list as objective as possible.

    The following chart will introduce you to the absolute best NHL betting sites bar none – also pay attention to the accepted countries and starting bonuses!

    100% up to $100Global5/5Click here to bet!
    25% up to $1000Global4/5Click here to bet!
    100% up to 25 Euros +10 free spinsUSA not accepted4/5Click here to bet!
    100% up to $125USA, AUS, FR not accepted3/5Click here to bet!


    Our Reviews

    For more info, read our short reviews below.

    1. Bodog

    Our number 1 source for sports betting, Bodog has it all; a beautiful interface, nice customer support, varied bets and good odds. It is a trusted website with a worldwide reputation; we’ve never had any problems with withdrawing. American players are accepted, too. Bodog has a 100% deposit bonus, meaning they’ll double your first deposit, up to $100. We can recommend this bookie 100%, try it out yourself here.


    2. BetOnline

    BetOnline is a good sports bookie and an ok alternative. The customer support is their only flaw. While it isn’t terrible, it’s clearly outsourced to a cheap call center. However, I rarely have to contact their customer support anyways, so that hasn’t really been a problem with me.

    Other than that, there isn’t much to complain about. Withdrawing and depositing is quick and easy, their site looks beautiful and is easy to use on a variety of devices, and their odds are good. They also have a big deposit bonus, 25% up to $1000. Click here to start betting.



    Despite not accepting players from the US, ComeOn is a great place to bet online. They have a good reputation and are a trusted bookie that is most well known in Scandinavian countries. They offer nice first time deposit bonuses that vary by country – most countries will even get a chance to test the casino/sportsbook for free! Find out more here.


    4. SportsInteraction

    SportsInteraction would be a good place to bet if only they accepted players from the USA, Australia or France. However, they don’t, which makes them lose some points in our eyes. However, it obviously doesn’t affect people from other countries, and SportsInteraction is an ok alternative to bet online for people from Canada or Europe. They are a trusted company that will not give you trouble when you’re trying to withdraw your earnings. Some people like them more than others. Find out more and play here.


    It’s good to stick to a few favorites

    I have gambled for a fairly long time, and what I’ve noticed after a while is that it is much easier to just stick to a couple of your favorite websites instead of trying to utilize every single bonus out there… You can try all sorts of spread betting tactics, but they are a lot harder to pull off than you’d think, and in my personal experience, traditional betting is much more profitable (and fun) in the long run. It’s also much more simpler.

    Other reason I like to stick to my favorites (that are featured in the above chart) is because sometimes you’re required to prove your identity to a bookie, and it gets tedious after you’ve done it a couple of times. However, once you’ve already done it one time, you’re good, one place won’t ask you twice (generally speaking).

    And there’s a third reason – there simply aren’t that many good bookies out there that actually care about hockey. In most places, the odds either suck or there aren’t a lot of possible bets at all. Also, the most reputable brands will reward you for loyalty, and send you special offers as long as you just use them a bit. Even if you’re winning!

    To sum up; you can and should utilize ‘free bets’ and deposit bonuses in the beginning, when you’re trying to find the best place to bet for your own taste and location, but in the long run, I prefer to stick to just a few of my favorites. It’s much simpler that way. Instead of spending all my time on trying to figure out the perfect “betting system”, I prefer to just study the game of hockey, because nothing beats that knowledge when it comes to NHL betting.

    Hopefully this article has helped some of you, thanks for reading.

    Once you’ve chosen a preferable sports bookie and deposited some starter money, you may want to look at our NHL and Olympic Hockey Predictions for some tips!