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    Sochi Olympic Hockey Predictions 2014

    Sochi Olympic Hockey Predictions 2014

    The Olympics are soon upon us, and many bookies will soon offer you the chance to bet on the games ...

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    It’s never too late to bet on the Cup winner or the Olympic Gold medalists, until of course it is too late! Many bookies offer great odds on even the most likely cup winners, so this is something you should definitely try to take advantage of! Of course, the earlier you bet, the better odds you get, but now is not too late.

    Read our articles for some expert predictions of the ongoing 2013-2014 NHL season. We predict the most likely cup winner, but we also look at it from a bettor’s perspective. If you’re an experienced bettor, you might already know that the most likely winner isn’t always the best bet in terms of profit. Sometimes it is, but not always. Often, “off-the-board” bets bring you the absolute best returns, if only you can predict them correctly. A fine example is the 2012 champion LA Kings… I don’t like to brag (okayt yes I do), but that bet made me some great money. It was a team that really underperformed during the season, and many experts predicted they’d do much better at the start of the season than they eventually did. By the trade deadline, almost everyone had already written them off, but a recent coaching change and the addition of Jeff Carter brought a lot of life into them, and they got hot just in time for the playoffs. Jonathan Quick’s stellar form was the icing on the cake, and they ended taking the cup relatively easily, resulting in great returns for anyone who dared to bet in their favor.

    Our articles are not designed to spoon feed you the absolute winner, that would be quite impossible. However, we try to look beyond mainstream hype and our writer team likes to analyze things that many casual followers of the sport may overlook. Admittedly, sometimes we write total gibberish (can’t always be right), but we try to raise some good points and be as realistic as possible.

    There are many things you can bet on related to hockey, as long as you choose a great place to bet. Apart from individual outcomes of NHL games, you can bet on the cup winner, winners of awards, goalscorers, the Olympics, and even the AHL or European leagues, and more! We on this mostly like to cover the NHL and international hockey, because that’s what we know the most about, it would be immoral to give you tips about the Swedish Elite League, when none of us has hardly seen a game in our lives.